A Thoughtful Reflection on Issues, Etc.

For a thoughtful reflection on what Issues, Etc. has meant for the Church and what its loss means, go to this link. Pastor Ruesch is to be commended for his tempered discussion.


Issues, etc. Taken Off the Air

Host Todd Wilken and producer Jeff Schwarz have had their employment terminated. The web presence of Issues, Etc. has disappeared in a matter of minutes. No explanation has been forthcoming. The old Lutheran question becomes pressing: What does this mean? Was ist das?

  • What are the reasons for the decision to eliminate an important  witness?
  • Why was the termination so abrupt?
  • Who made the ultimate decision?
  • What does the decision imply?
  • What is the proper response?
  • What does this mean for the future directions of the leadership of the LCMS?
  • Quo Vadis?

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Lent Renamed: “Christian Ramadan”

Foolishness is rampant among Christians in the West. It is equaled only by ignorance. This article relates how Dutch Catholics have renamed Lent. They now call it “Christian Ramadan.” This action demonstrates ignorance in a number of ways:

  • Christian observances of fasting and devotion predate Islam and its practices
  • the 40-day preparation of catechumens is well-documented and well-established by the third century
  • “Ramadan” is the Islamic name for a month, not for a period of fasting
  • the “fast” of Ramadan is only a daylight fast. After sundown, over-indulgence is not uncommon
  • Christian Lenten observance is focused on Christ; renaming it to “Ramadan” changes the focus

The foolishness of this renaming reflects a foolishness which is thoroughly human and contrary to the foolishness of the Cross. The renaming demonstrates that

  • post-modern “spirituality” has created a synkretist mindset which very superficially blends practices and observances which at their core are distinct and even mutually exclusive
  • political correctness has convinced people that accommodating Christian faith and practice to Islam will appease the blood lust of Islam
  • a basic difference between  Islam and Christianity is that Muslims find redemption in shedding infidel blood; Christians know themselves to be redeemed by the blood of Christ

Given the decline in Lenten Observance in the United States, how long is it before some congregation in the name of “outreach” renames Lent and makes it more acceptable to the culture around us?

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Evolution Weekend

There seems to be no lack of foolishness in this world. One may even sign on to a letter declaring evolution established fact and truth. One only has to be a clergy person. It is interesting that the letter does not declare an open mindedness to consider all possibilities. It declares evolution to be established fact. It seems that for over 11,000 clergy, the doctrine of creation is not established, but evolution is. The real shocker is that over 400 LUTHERAN clergy, including seminary and college profs have signed on. To sign on to the letter goes beyond a mere willingness to consider a theory. It declares a working theory to be fact which must be accepted. I wonder if those Lutheran pastors and professors are willing to subscribe to the witness of Scripture or the Lutheran Confessions. I guess that’s all optional. Evolution is mandatory and not up for discussion.

As we observe the First Sunday in Lent, others observe Evolution Weekend—in past years observed as Evolution Sunday.

We can only cry: Kyrie eleison.

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If This Is How We Pray, What Do We Believe?

A rather disturbing video of an Ablaze!(c) event is available online. The event took place at Salem Lutheran Church in Houston, TX. President Kieschnick spoke at this “worship”. Beginning with shofar and an idiosyncratic confession of sins, the “worship” moves to liturgical dance and then something which might remind one of the Lord’s Supper if all the dispensationilist trappings were removed. If this is where the LCMS has moved or is moving to, there are serious questions which need to be asked by every pastor and congregation faithful to the witness of Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions. There are so many questions—and I fear the answers. Personally, I am so weary of wackos taking over the Lutheran Church. In the ELCA the left-wing revisionist have seized the reins. If this “worship” which featured Lutheran bishops from overseas (some of whom were not amused by the foolishness) is how the LCMS wants to present the Gospel and itself to the world, it can hardly be considered Lutheran. Has Zola Levitt superseded Loehe, Walther, Pieper and Sasse in matters of worship and doctrine? The “worship” seems like some sort of dispensationalist production with tiny remnants of classical Lutheran liturgy. If this is what Ablaze!(c) is all about, then it seems more like the flames of hellfire than the kindling of the Holy Spirit.

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Blessed Nativity of Our Lord

May our observance of incarnation and birth of our Lord Jesus Christ renew our sense of awe at the miracle of God’s gracious condescension. May the mystery of the Word become flesh embrace our frail human minds and lead us to faith in Him who endured not only the manger, but death itself, death on the cross. May the love of Christ fill our hearts and our homes.

Should Preachers Pack Heat?

The tragic events over the weekend in Colorado raise the question of whether there should be some sort of arming of worshipers or people equipped to protect worshipers. The Two Kingdom doctrine is surprisingly understood by some in the Colorado situation. It is indeed sad that Christians have to fear gathering for Word and Sacrament in this country. It seems to be more than just a few weirdos doing this sort of thing. How much of it is due to the leftitst hysteria about the dangers of theocracy in America.

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