These are low-production videos of three of the four evening of the Lutheran identity/renewal week. The fourth evening’s video should be up by Friday, June 12.

The first, third and fourth evenings were held in the fellowship space of St. John’s Riverside Lutheran Church outside of Gillett, Wisconsin. The second evening was filmed in the sanctuary on the evening of June 2, 2009–Tuesday after Pentecost.

Again, many thanks to Pastor Cota for serving as chaplain during the event.

Your comments are encouraged so that we can refine this for use throughout the circuit. Ideally each evening would have a different presenter.

May God use our feeble efforts to strengthen the faith of the faithful.

Treasures in the Attic, part 1:

Treasures in the Attic, part 2:

God’s Pottery Wheel, part 1:

God’s Pottery Wheel, part 2:

On the third evening, the record button was pressed — but the camcorder had not been turned on. Sorry!!

Honorable Beggars, part 1:

Honorable Beggars, part 2:


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