A Thoughtful Reflection on Issues, Etc.

For a thoughtful reflection on what Issues, Etc. has meant for the Church and what its loss means, go to this link. Pastor Ruesch is to be commended for his tempered discussion.


One comment on “A Thoughtful Reflection on Issues, Etc.

  1. Roy Price says:

    I have emailed KFUO looking for answers regarding the abrupt ending of the program that brought me to the LCMS, starting with Pastor Matzet. Of course Jeff was there as well. When Pastor Wilkin took over the host job, I listened ( and called in) with eager anticipation to see if the same Christ centered topics were discussed. After a few days it was clear that Todd, with Jeff’s unbelievable talent and stamina was programming for preaching Christ and Him crucified!!! I got the corporate response from Chuck, which I figured I would get. Does anyone know the real reason for the cancellation.? All I have heard is rumors. I think all followers of KFUO deserve an explanation. I listen and support all of KFUO’s programs, and feel a little un-appreciated at this time with the station and its owners.

    Roy Price
    O’Fallon, MO

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