Lent Renamed: “Christian Ramadan”

Foolishness is rampant among Christians in the West. It is equaled only by ignorance. This article relates how Dutch Catholics have renamed Lent. They now call it “Christian Ramadan.” This action demonstrates ignorance in a number of ways:

  • Christian observances of fasting and devotion predate Islam and its practices
  • the 40-day preparation of catechumens is well-documented and well-established by the third century
  • “Ramadan” is the Islamic name for a month, not for a period of fasting
  • the “fast” of Ramadan is only a daylight fast. After sundown, over-indulgence is not uncommon
  • Christian Lenten observance is focused on Christ; renaming it to “Ramadan” changes the focus

The foolishness of this renaming reflects a foolishness which is thoroughly human and contrary to the foolishness of the Cross. The renaming demonstrates that

  • post-modern “spirituality” has created a synkretist mindset which very superficially blends practices and observances which at their core are distinct and even mutually exclusive
  • political correctness has convinced people that accommodating Christian faith and practice to Islam will appease the blood lust of Islam
  • a basic difference between  Islam and Christianity is that Muslims find redemption in shedding infidel blood; Christians know themselves to be redeemed by the blood of Christ

Given the decline in Lenten Observance in the United States, how long is it before some congregation in the name of “outreach” renames Lent and makes it more acceptable to the culture around us?

Posted by pomeranus


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