Evolution Weekend

There seems to be no lack of foolishness in this world. One may even sign on to a letter declaring evolution established fact and truth. One only has to be a clergy person. It is interesting that the letter does not declare an open mindedness to consider all possibilities. It declares evolution to be established fact. It seems that for over 11,000 clergy, the doctrine of creation is not established, but evolution is. The real shocker is that over 400 LUTHERAN clergy, including seminary and college profs have signed on. To sign on to the letter goes beyond a mere willingness to consider a theory. It declares a working theory to be fact which must be accepted. I wonder if those Lutheran pastors and professors are willing to subscribe to the witness of Scripture or the Lutheran Confessions. I guess that’s all optional. Evolution is mandatory and not up for discussion.

As we observe the First Sunday in Lent, others observe Evolution Weekend—in past years observed as Evolution Sunday.

We can only cry: Kyrie eleison.

Posted by pomeranus


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