Accomodations to the Culture Are Not Universally Benign

One often hears so called progressives calling for accommodations to contemporary culture in order to “reach out with the Gospel.” The same appeal was made in Germany in the 1930s. It was hotly debated, even among those who were not sympathetic with National Socialism. A rift among students studying under Bonhoeffer even developed and led to a parting of ways. Accommodations are not necessarily innocuous nor are outward things necessarily “adiaphora.” This link to a Spiegel article from last year (in English) brings this home. If hip hop music is used in worship or sage brush burned before the altar, are those simply “adiaphora” or steps in the direction of paganism and slips away from a sense of the holiness and majesty of God? When does a blurring of boundaries signal their erasure?

Luther Memorial Church

Posted by pomeranus.


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