Was heißt lutherisch?

An article from ten years ago is even more relevant than when it was written. It deals with the dangers of mistaking conservativism for a genuine Lutheran confessional stance. It raises questions we need to face:

  • Have we become a mere sect which needs to die?
  • Are questions of theology more important than institutional survival?
  • Are we captives of the Word or just people with opinions about it?
  • Are we willing to stand against forces from many sides which would snatch the Truth from us by stealth or force?
  • Is there enough confessional understanding left for the Church to remain a creature of the Word and resist the slide into becoming a human institution which promotes convenience?

These are times which call for introspection, courage, and trust in the power of the Word.

Posted by pomeranus.


2 comments on “Was heißt lutherisch?

  1. kaleb says:

    The link is broken. I hope you can fix it, because it sounds interesting! =)

  2. pomeranus says:

    Sorry about that broken link. It is repaired. It’s worth a click.


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