The Church Wide Assembly of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America came to a close today. It is now official that bishops should refrain from or exercise restrain in disciplining pastors engaged in homosexual practices or congregations who call such pastors who have been removed from the roster. In other words, fugetaboutit!

The claim is made that policy has not changed by this action. That claim is but another deceptive ploy by the revisionists. If nothing was to change, why was the resolution supported so vehemently? To put it in perspective, consider such maneuvers apart from the ELCA’s present chaos. Could one honestly claim that nothing has changed if such actions took place in the secular realm. What would the consequence be, if the state legislature left laws concerning rape and murder on the books, but told law enforcement and prosecutors not to arrest or bring to trial any murderers or rapists. Common sense tells us that policy has been changed, rape and murder are now allowed. This is what has happened in ELCA.

Let us pray for the faithful in the ELCA who will hopefully find refuge somewhere. Let us also pray that God would show the vacillating the error of accomodating sin and give them the courage to make a good confession. All Lutherans will now be forced to answer questions about clergy integrity. May non-ELCA pastors also give a good witness and account of themselves and their ministry.

Posted by pomeranus


2 comments on “Fugetaboutit!

  1. Tom says:

    Did you just compare homosexuals in loving, committed relationships to rapists and murderers? Shame on you!

    I’ll be praying for your soul tonight.

  2. pomeranus says:

    The shame lies with those who call sin virtue. All sin needs to be repented of. The comparison in the analogy was one regarding enforcement, an argument from greater to lesser. Of course, when one seeks justification of sin rather than of a sinner, one is prone to feign concern for my soul and project oneself as more righteous. Proper use of the Law involves calling sin sin. I am ashamed of my sins and pray for God’s forgiveness. I am not ashamed of giving voice to the clear witness of Scripture. Perhaps Tom should sense some shame about apologizing for persistence in sin by camouflaging it with talk of loving, committed relationships.
    I pray for all those lost in darkness every day. Thank you for your prayers. I am sure God will hear them and strengthen me.

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