Harmonic Convergence in Political Realm?

Those who came of age in the 60s may remember Fairfield, Iowa as the home of Parsons College — a destination of choice for draft-dodgers of various stripes. After the college closed, it was taken over by the followers of an Indian guru.

Fast forward 40 years and it is the focus of politicians seeking support. In the past, the Maharishi University has put forth third, fourth, or fifth party candidates for various offices under the Natural Law Party. Beside the yogic technology to prevent terrorism, there have been attempts to initiate world peace through meditation and the so-called harmonic convergence.

Apparently the right catalysts have come to town: Barak Obama and Dennis Kucinich. An article describing this decisive moment in political history notes the yogic flying practiced at MU. For those not in the know, participants get themselves into the state of being able to defy gravity. To us unenlightened it looks more like hopping in the lotus position.

This is a strange world we live in. Will the strangeness take center stage in American politics?

Posted by pomeranus.


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