Can We Deal With Living With Life’s Necessities?

Victory David Hanson, always insightful, has written an article in the Washington Times which raises not just economic and political questions, but also an implicit spiritual question.

We have lived with abundance and overabundance for so long that we consider many luxuries necessities. Apart from this having been carried on the backs of American farmers, it has skewed our focus. Previous generations were able to cope with want better than this present generation for several reasons. They had lower expectations in life. They had a faith which shaped their view of what is important. We recall the Small Catechism’s description of “daily bread.” It does not include and iPhone or hi-def 6ft TV screen. We no longer appreciate or savor the good gifts from God’s gracious hand. Nor do we look to God for our daily bread, but to government. Marxism has made its inroads into our thinking and we hardly notice the shift. Will the Church help people refocus and shift or has mega-churchism effectively distorted the Church also?

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One comment on “Can We Deal With Living With Life’s Necessities?

  1. fathertheophilus says:

    As much as I don’t want to face it myself, I cannot help but admit that some true deprivation and hardship would do us the greatest spiritual good. Perhaps we would learn to distinguish between *wants* and true *needs* and then, maybe, we would see the importance and significance of the one thing needful – the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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