Excellent Lutheran Website

Surfing around I found this site called “The Wittenberg Trail.” This is
chock full of excellent articles, book recommendations, etc. for those
seeking deeper information on Lutheranism.  This website should be well
advertised.  It would also be a good place to send people who are interested
in Lutheranism.  I was really impressed. Here it is:

Posted by Father Theophilus


5 comments on “Excellent Lutheran Website

  1. Eric says:

    Father Theophilus:

    Thank you for the review of The Wittenberg Trail website. Every month, more and more people from all over the world are visiting.

    If you have any suggestions (additions, deletions, etc.) for the website, please let me know.

    In Christ,


  2. jWinters says:

    You’re right FT, there are some very good things about this website. The full frontal attacks on Roman Catholicism and American Evangelicalism, however, spoil the broth —- especially if you’re thinking of using this for someone who wants to learn about Lutheranism for the first time.

    Basically – they begin to look like Jack Chick’s rants, and that’s not a good thing for anyone. (that’s chick.com if you need to look it up)

    It IS important to point out our disagreements with Roman Catholics and other denominations, but the manner in which we do so needs to be less hatchet-bearing if we truly want people to listen to our complaints.

    in Christ,

  3. Eric says:


    Either in this post or via an email to me, I would like your feedback on how to point out our disagreements with Roman Catholics and other denominations in a less “hatchet-bearing” way. What would you leave out or not say?


  4. jWinters says:

    Hey Eric,
    The title “Roman Catholic Claims” has beneath it a level of meaning that is polemic in nature. But overall the treatment of the dirty papists is pretty even handed and right on 😉 (just throwing that in for a little levity in this hatchety discussion). I especially liked the treatment of Anonymous Christianity, which needs to be addressed by us Lutherans more often.
    The treatment of “American ‘Evangelicals'” is a little more devisive. First of all the quote enclosure to ‘Evangelicals’ will confuse anyone who doesn’t know that Lutherans used the term before anybody else. The “list of concerns” on that page is pretty fiesty – especially when Evangelicals are accused of being a “fad” church. That said, I can see your point in bringing these things out. Still, it may not be as helpful to go into these things guns-ablazing when you’re dealing with non-Lutherans because they’ll assume you’re just another Christian hate monger (unfortunately there are many of them about).
    Keep in mind, that I’m coming at this from the perspective of a campus minister working with postmodern students. If I’ve seen anything in this age group it’s their ability to pic up on the slightest nuance of hypocrisy and hatred out of Christians — the media has largely trained them to pick up these nuances.
    So yeah, I’d recommend toning down the language a little bit and putting yourself in the shoes of a non-Christian or even of an Evangelical or Roman Catholic. The point of an argument or a polemic is not to beat the other person into submission, but it is rather to persuade and convince that person into a place where they gladly give up their arms and join you for the next fight.

    in Christ,

  5. Eric says:


    Thanks for the feedback. I can see your points. The original idea for the site was to help those already “on the trail” (so to speak) or those just beginning the journey. My thoughts were that these people already had issues/concerns with the evangelical or non-denom church they were attending and were looking for something different. The idea was that these people would be open to reading about the various issues (like the “fads”) and would not be offended.

    I was also assuming that they were exploring the other historic bodies and that is why I have the info about RC. With all the evangelicals “crossing the Tiber”, there seems to be many people looking into RC. There are tons of sites like the Wittenberg Trail to help those disaffected Christians explore the RC faith.

    So the original target audience was the disaffected Christian who was exploring what else is out there. I wanted to create a site that I wished existed when I was exploring “my options”. I found tons of info that would have helped me cross the Tiber, but it was hard to find Wittenberg. There is info out there, but you have to search for it and it is scattered all over the web. This was the idea behind creating the Wittenberg Trail site – one place with enough information to help others exploring “options” and looking into what Lutherans believe.

    However, with more than 1,500 views a month from all over the world, perhaps the target audience (and thus the message) has changed.

    I will edit these sections over the next few weeks and make some changes. Perhaps you could drop by the site in a few weeks and let me know what you think.

    Once again, thank you for your feedback 🙂

    In Christ,


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