When the Son of Man Returns Will He Find Faith—Or This?

A glimpse at the future is sobering, especially when it includes the  female archbishop of the   American Archdiocese of the Lutheran Companionship of the Benevolent Deity Spiritual Movement (BDSM)An article by Lars Walker  is a wake up call to what lurks before us. The attitudes portrayed belong unfortunately to the present rather than the future. I remember an ELCA pastor who now serves a prestigious congregation in Madison, Wisconsin praising Islam and claiming that Christianity was the cause of all the oppression and poverty and violence in the world. Walker’s satire is barely funny because it is so close to a reality which already exists in ELCA circles. If it is not confronted, demasked, and shown for what it is (apostacy and lunacy rolled into one), the fictitious letter may well be written in the future.

Posted by pomeranus.


One comment on “When the Son of Man Returns Will He Find Faith—Or This?

  1. fathertheophilus says:

    Satire is funny because it usually hits even closer to the truth than the subject of the satire. Unfortuanely, this satire is so close to the truth, you can hardly find any humor in it at all (as you yourself said). Lord have mercy, indeed.

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