Pastoral Care Companion

My LSB Pastoral Care Companion arrived yesterday. It is a wonderful tool for providing care to people in a multitude of situations in life. Perhaps those who have their copy could bring it along to the June winkel.

Posted by pomeranus.


3 comments on “Pastoral Care Companion

  1. fathertheophilus says:

    The “companion” is spectacular. I wish I would have had it right from the moment I was ordained. There truly is no better resource for one-on-one pastoral care other than the pastor himself being there to be a pastor (with the “companion” in hand). Kudos to CPH for such a wonderful resource. God help it to be a tool for deeper pastoral care among us!

  2. pomeranus says:

    For over thirty years, I have longed for a resource like the “companion”. The Lutheran Church in Germany had a wonderful resource. I had especially missed the order for accompanying the dying. That order is a wonderful witness. I am considering using the “companion” as part of a Bible study. Imagine the discussions and reflections that could grow out of a discussion of the various orders in the companion. LSB is great. This companion is fantastic. The resources for home communion surpass anything available in the past. I think we need to share our enthusiasm and ideas with one another so that ministries can be strengthened and focused.

  3. fathertheophilus says:

    Every time I page through it, I find that I am impressed more and more. This is the definitive pastoral resource! All those situation that previously left me dumbfounded are answered in the LSB pastoral care companion. Thanks be to God!

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