A Privileged Religion Allowed to Shape US School

While secularists bemoan the influence of Christians on public schools and the ACLU sniffs out even the slightest hint of Holy Writ in the public square, Scientology is greeted with open arms. In Germany, Scientology is suing to be recognized as a religion. Here, they take a stealth approach to insinuating themselves into schools. This report shows they are being successful.

Would educational writings and principles of Luther or Melanchthon be allowed to shape a school program in Gillett or Oconto Falls? They would have much more merit and value than the willful stupidity of  Scientology and its high-profile practitioners. If Tom Cruise and John Travolta were practicing Lutherans, would we have more status in this culture? Are people even aware of what Scientology promotes? We have some teaching to do!

Posted by pomeranus.


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