When Will We Say “Enough!”

Just when we think we’ve heard it all, something like this comes along.

There are so many ethical issues involved in this article, that one knows hardly where to begin. I am reminded of the joke about a scientist who told God that he (the scientist) had figured out how to create life. To this God answered, “Get your own dirt!”

Here is a list of issues to be addressed:

  • When does science cease to be a search for knowledge and become an ideology militantly opposed to God?
  • When will the selfishness of the GLBT movement be challenged for the sake of the children who will be born into and grow up in a situation that not only defies cultural norms, but basic laws of God embedded in nature?
  • If people are “born gay,” why can’t they accept the way they were born and live a childless life?
  • How do we minister to children born in such circumstances?

There’s a lot to ponder.

Posted by pomeranus


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