Will Christians from Africa and Asia Offer Us What We Have Discarded?

The whole PC thing has warped our thinking. This article puts things back into perspective in regard to responsibility for slavery and its abolition. The healthy practice of self-examination has been distorted into an unhealthy self-debasement which has little to do with confession of sin. Insisting that all Christians today apologize for slavery which was abolished 15o years ago keeps us from recognizing the very real and ongoing sin of destroying the Black American family. Too many “liberal” church leaders get gratification from insisting on confession of the sins of generations past, even if those being coerced into confession are the descendants of opponents of slavery or immigrants who came long after slavery had been abolished. The very real and present institution of slavery among Muslims is off-limits to criticism because Christianity and America are the cause of all evil in the world. There is a point at which guilt ceases to be real and becomes neurotic. We have perhaps encountered people (often in abusive relationships) who make themselves responsible for everything bad in spite of the reality of responsibility lying elsewhere. When sin is removed from its context of disobedience to God, guilt ceases to be an objective reality and becomes something arbitrarily assigned by self-appointed “prophetic voices”. As we observe Good Friday, we are confronted with the reality of sin and guilt. May the cheap law of political correctness not blur our understanding of guilt. May the reality of God’s grace and forgiveness through the suffering and death of Jesus Christ awaken faith and gratitude in us and cast out self-important indulgence in confessing pet sins and self-aggrandizing pseudo-atonement schemes.


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