Good Friday — New Revised Version

The heart of Christian proclamation is under assault from within the Church. If Christ’s suffering and death are only about “feeling our pain,” we are as wretched as if there were no resurrection. This has been around for quite some time in Anglican and ELCA circles. The feminists with their Sophia gathering in Minneapolis ridiculed all that “blood” stuff. They prefer milk and honey to blood stuff. The mainstream media are more than happy to push this stuff, as witnessed by their Jesus’ tomb hoax, DaVinci code foolishness, and obsession with all things gnostic.

The foolishness proclaimed by this Anglican Dean makes it even more incumbent upon pastors to proclaim atonement on Good Friday. German Lutheran Good Friday liturgy is all about Busse—repentance. If sin is no longer sin (like the homosexual activity of this dean seems to be in his mind), there is no need for atonement. Standing beneath the cross become mere commiseration.

Kyrie Eleison

Posted by pomeranus


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