Attitudes of the Heart

LC-MS Pastor Paul Emmel, chaplain for many years at the correctional institution in Green Bay and now on the staff of the American Foundation of Counseling services in Green Bay, shared this reflection on sin, repentance and forgiveness. I share it with everyone here.

Paul Emmel, March 2007

I awake resentful for my dead end job.

I snap at my wife, sense her hurt, but go on
because “she had it coming.”

I cut off an older driver for slowing me down.

I arrive late to work because today I can get away with it.

I prejudge a woman by her looks though I have never met her.


Back home at night I tell another lie
thinking that I am getting over.

I go to bed resentful because someone owes me something.

It’s been a good day
because I’ve had my own way.


We cannot justify the wrong we do.
We can only be forgiven.
Kyrie Eleison


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